Tilley Hats, purpose-built for making the world...better.

The Tilley Hat for Rotarians

Above is the first Tilley Airflow R6 Hat; it's enjoying a soft breeze at Hilary's and my home on Lake Muskoka, in March, 2018.


The Hats I have selected come in two styles, the R6 and the R5.
The R6 (called LTM6 at Tilley, Inc) is the best-selling hat. The R5 (LTM5) is equally elegant.
Except for the slightly wider brim (the R6 is about ½-inch broader on all sides than the R5), both Hats are identical.

You’ll find the Hat quite wonderful or your money will be returned. (# 1,2,3,4  of the 4-Way Test)

The R6's brim is about a half inch (12 mm) wider than the R5's.
* Includes your gift to Rotary International, embroidery, shipping, and a lot more including about 6 months of ‘challenges.’
But, hey, I asked for it.
May you outlive your Tilley Hat!

Quantity discounts.
We’ve been asked, and it seems fair to me. How about this:
5 Hats or more, please use the coupon code "5-HATS" to DEDUCT $9.00 for each Hat.
Please make one payment for all, and give me a single mailing address for the shipment.

“It’s a terrific hat.” Sir Edmund Hillary

Photographers: Pat and Rosemarie Keough who, no kidding, created probably the world's best-made book, 'Antarctica'. Look it up!

"A Tilley Hat rests more easily than a crown."

The Waltons: Roving Rotarians


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We don't, of course, have a store. We presently work in a furnished loft (no heat or water or rent) above Hilary's welding studio in a two-car garage. Heated floor.
Hil's a superb sculptor. www.hilaryclarkcole.com